a cancer

When we think of vaccines, we quickly think of flu or tetanus. Yet cancer and carcinomas are still among the most common causes of death in Germany after cardiovascular diseases. This is why more and more individualised cancer immunotherapies are being developed that work on the basis of mRNA.

Just like the coronavirus vaccines from Biontech and Moderna. At eightbit experts, we are supporting this development with the right IT specialists.

electric cars <charged> quickly

Environmentally friendly transportation is becoming increasingly important, included in this, is electric mobility. There are numerous possibilities for optimisation and for the increase in energy efficiency, especially the battery charging process. This is ensured by a newly developed plug-in, which not only increases the charging process itself, but also the charging capacities of electric cars. We here, at eightbit experts, aid this ground-breaking development with carefully selected IT experts.

emergency response reports with <meaning>

After each incident response, emergency services must compile complex reports. A time-consuming task but one that pays off. Through data processing, possible sources of danger can be identified, and consequently, preventative measures can be derived. This helps minimise risks and avoid accidents. We, at eightbit experts, provide support with hand-picked IT experts who have the necessary knowledge for such tasks.

good-bye <wait

Sometimes, it is the small things that bring the biggest benefits. For example, clients can arrange online appointments for appointments on-site. This pays off twice, resulting in benefits for both parties. The consumer has little to no waiting time and the company can be more efficient at scheduling their staff at the right times. With the right experts and know-how, we, at eightbit experts, are here to help.


Since the corona pandemic, health insurance companies have been inundated with calls. The callers expect information. However, regulations and recommendations are constantly changing and also differ from state to state. A wiki platform on the health service providers’ intranet is now helping to provide reliable and competent answers. Supported by eightbit experts and IT experts who are not doing this for the first time.

we are proud of our <unique> projects and clients.